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Due to inflationary factors, the Federal Government increased the, minimum wage to N7,500 per month. An employer, defined as someone employing 50 or more persons, is required to pay the minimum wage, defined as the total emolument payable to worker. All employees and trade unions on both the public and private sectors of the economy are permitted to make adjustment to total remuneration packages through the process of collective bargaining. The remuneration agreed requires the approval of the Federal Minister of Employment, Labour and Productivity. Approval will be given where the increases are moderate, non-inflationary and affordable. The agreed and approved remuneration will apply from the first day of the calendar month that follows such agreement. Backdating of such agreement is not permitted.

This law creates certain offences relating to trade malpractice and set up a special trade malpractice investigation panel to investigate such offences. The law provides against any person who:

1.    Falsely labels, packages, sells, offer for sale or advertises any product so as to mislead as to its quality, character, brand name, value, composition, merit or safe; or
2.    For the purpose of sale, contract or other dealing, uses or intends to use any weight, measure or number which is false or unjust;
3.    Sells any product by weight, measure or number and delivers to the purchaser a less weight, measure or number that is purported to be sold;
4.    Advertises or invites subscription for any product or project which does not exist.


Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON)
Import Inspection: as part of the standardisation and quality control activities, SON is actively involved in import inspection of goods and quality assessment at the ports. With the Federal Government trade liberalisation and privatisation process, the organisation is vigorously pursuing the import quality inspection programme in order to ensure that only goods that meet the prescribed National Standards parameters are allowed into the country.

WEBSITE: http://www.sononline-ng.org

National Agency for Food Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC)

Procedural Requirement For Registering Food Processing, Cosmetics      Either For Manufacturing, Importing, Exporting, Advertising,      Selling Or Distribution In Nigeria

(a)     Food
1.    An application for the registration of processed food shall be made by the manufacturers
2.    In case of manufacturers outside Nigeria, such shall be represented in Nigeria by a duly registered company or individual with facilities to effect a recall of the product when necessary
3.    An applicant for manufacturing in Nigeria must file an evidence of Power of Attorney from the manufacturer which authorise him to speak for him principally on all matters relating to the latter’s specialities. The original Power of Attorney is to be notarised and submitted to NAFDAC.
4.    The Manufacturer, in the case of imported processed foods or cosmetics must show evidence that he/she is licensed to manufacture the products for sale in the country of origin (Manufactures certificate). Such evidence must be by the competent health authority of the country of manufacture, and shall be authenticated by the Nigerian Mission in that country.

(b)    Registration Procedure
The applicant must submit to the Registration Division, of NAFDAC, a written application stating the name of the manufacturer, name (brand name where applicable) of the product and obtain the prescribed application form, which must be properly filled with all information required. This form labelled “FormD0REG/001 is available online for download. A separate application form shall be submitted for regulated product.

(c)    Guidelines for Registration of Drugs in Nigeria

1.    An application for the registration of drug product shall be made by the manufacturer.

Registration Procedure
The applicant must submit to the registration division of NAFDAC, a written application stating the name of the manufacturer, generics name (brand name where applicable) strength, indication and obtain the prescribed application form, which must be properly filled, with all information required. This form labelled “Form D-REG/001, shall be obtained on payment of N5000 per product in Bank draft issued in favour of NAFDAC, Lagos.

Completed registration form for each product should be returned with the following items:
1.    Five(5) copies of the dossier;
2.    Three packs of drugs samples
3.    Superintendent and production pharmacist current annual licence to practise as harmaceutical chemist.
4.    Premises registration license from Pharmaceutical Council of Nigeria (PCN)

A separate application form shall be submitted for each drug products. In this context, a drug product means a separate drug formulation. It should however be noted that the application for registration of one dosage form with different strength cannot be made on the application form.

WEBSITE: http://www.nafdacnigeria.org



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