With regard to an article in The Daily Times of 25 August 2017 and its social media channels alleging that the Royal Thai Embassy in Abuja defrauds Nigerian nationals through the visa application process, the Embassy wishes to clarify as follows:


1. The article has wrongly accused the Embassy’s diplomatic staff and reported that the Embassy rejected over 80 per cent of visa requests in order to make financial gains through the visa fee collection. In fact, the Embassy has approved visa requests approximately 75 – 80 per cent of the total applications annually.

2. The Embassy holds the right and discretion to issue visas in accordance with certain considerations such as completeness and authenticity of documents, security clearance, cross-reference screening of personal background as well as purpose and nature of journeys.

3. The Embassy’s visa fee payment system is transparent. It is audited on a daily basis by the Embassy’s financial committee, in line with the Royal Thai Government’s internal financial rules and regulations.

4. Visa processing fee is non-refundable. An applicant who submits a visa application will receive a payment slip and visa collection record (a white slip) from the Embassy’s consular staff. The slip serves as both proof of payment and collection slip. Automatically generated original receipts are issued only to those who are granted visa.



Royal Thai Embassy,


8 September B.E. 2560 (2017)




Royal Thai Embassy
34 Rhine Street,
Abjua, Nigeria

Visa working hrs:
Submit application
Mon-Fri 9.00-11.00

Collection of Visa
Mon-Fri 14.00-16.00


(For consular matters)

(For non-consular matters



Consular Section
(+234)  706 308 0501 
between 10.00-16.00 hrs.
(break time between
12.00-14.00 hrs.)

Chancery Tel.
(+234)  706 308 0501

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