Thailand is a premier tourist destination in the heart of Asia and with a variety of natural beauty.It is internationally recognized for the tremendous value it offers.  A land of amazing diversity and value, the country offers visitors a memorable experience so that, far from being a once-in-a-lifetime visit, it makes people look forward to returning more.


Apart from “Go-Green” eco-tourism programme, Thailand can present to its visitors cultural insights in both urban and rural areas that feature the traditions of indigenous cultural communities. Both settings are rich in a mélange of festivals, rituals, values, and lifestyle. Culturally significant architectural attractions include more than 30,000 Buddhist monasteries, 3,000 mosques, 1,000 Christian churches, 600 Hindu temples, and several hundred Chinese shrines that are still functioning today. Thailand has also hundreds of thousands of sites of archaeological and historical significance scattered all over the country. Some of their treasures may be found in over 600 museums and art galleries that attract legions of interested visitors.

Many Thai hotels and resorts have also been internationally recognized as among the best in world.






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